Stop suicide today..


Life always come with a lot of challenges and heavy punches to our faces day by day .life is not full of roses, you make have a full cake today and half tomorrow and sometimes with nothing that is life and this can be consider a challenge. Your interpretation of these challenges always determines your action. Some people however sees challenges of life no matter how tough it comes as a source of motivation to fight better and harder, while others allowed it to depressed them, and of course depression often leads to suicide, my dear taking your life is never an option in life.
Think of life after death [judgment], if you can’t create life into something, if you can’t create life into yourself then why then take yours? Think of the possible outcome of suicide before considering it as an option to your depressed situation.
Imagine suffering on earth where life Is temporal and then out of frustration you commit suicide, and securing yourself an automatic ticket to hell where suffering and more of depression is everlasting. Why do people take their life over things of the world, things that are temporal? The rate of suicide is getting higher by the day and this is alarming. WHY THEN COMMIT SUICDE, JUST BECAUSE: He broke up that relationship
Why must you take your life just because your partner dumps you for another person?
Why must you commit suicide just because you are broke? The fact that you can’t get what you want, the fact you can’t go to that school you so desire or drive your dream car or that mansion doesn’t guarantee you to commit suicide. Nothing in life deserves your tears not to even talk of your breath, and I mean absolutely nothing is worth your life. Permit me to shock you that life greatest accomplishment, life’s greatest battle, life’s greatest men and women were once product of depression they were able to be successful because they took depression as a source for motivation to fight those obstacles of life, they fought the fight although it was not easy but they endured and that made them great people, in fact some of them never went to school, some were school drop-out, some of them were even more broke than you think you are right now, but they still made it, they were able to make it because they never took suicide as an option, have this at the back of your mind whatever that is not yours is either not meant for your or it is not yet time for you to have it be patient. Now I leave you with this depression is just like a coin with two opposite, you either allowed it to motivate you or allowed it to lead you to hell. Choose wisely……


anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear and frustration, anger is also a strong feelings of displeasure, antagonism towards someone or something which usually combined with the urge to hurt or harm someone.

Have you ever sit to ask yourself this simple question.

1. How often should I let my anger control me?
2.And of what use or benefit is anger to me?
Then you begin to see that it has been doing alot of harm than good to you, anger has never given birth to a child that can see rather than violence, hate, troubles and frustration and that has been our major problem as humans.
We fail to identify the root cause of our action, but want to know the problem which makes it difficult to address the problem. So I urge you today to take control of your anger and not allowing it control you, don’t let your anger make you do things that you will forever live to regret doing, any action taking by anger barely take 1-5 at most 10 minutes but trust me it will leave you with everlasting stain and pains. A wise man once said “it is wise to direct your anger towards problems and not people; to focus your energy on anwers not excuse”. Let me tell you this never respond to an angry person with a hard combat, even if he deserves it. And don’t allow his anger becomes yours, voice your mind in a matured way.

Nigeria is home to largest number of backward unprogressive fools – Burna Boy rants.

Recently, it was reported that singers Mr Eazi and Burna Boy were selected as choice musicians to participate in one of the world’s biggest music event Coachella. After the news broke, it was also said that Damini Ogulu who is known as Burna Boy took to Instagram to call out the organisers of the program.
According to him, he did not like that his name was spelt out in small font. He demanded that Coachella make a correction to the way they wrote his stage name. In his address to the organisers of the music festival which is to start in April, the Gbona crooner called himself an African giant.

This statement sparked a lot of controversy amongst Nigerians who interpreted it to mean that he was proud and rude. It would appear that Burna Boy who was largely trolled by many did not take the insults very lightly.
He took it to heart or why else would the phenomenal Nigerian singer take to his page to call out many Nigerians and tag them as
“backward, unprogressive fools”?
After saying that they were backward and unprogressive, he also went on to say that the nation was full of people who were not mentally advanced.
According to him, regardless of their deficiencies, he intended to love them and fight for them. Burna Boy, however, had one or two things to say about Nigerian youths who ‘key into his vision’.

Burna Boy goes on a rant, says Nigeria houses the largest number of backward unprogressive fools Source: Burnaboygram/Instagram
Beyond this, Burna Boy directly addressed the words that were thrown at him the previous day. He said that he was not exactly saying anything out of pride but out of a will to represent Nigeria and Africa as it should.
He also directly addressed his trolls by saying he is not proud Source: Burnaboygram/Instagram
Indeed, his posts have generated a lot of reactions from many people who were not pleased with his words in the least. Several people considered his statements an insult to the country but some people defended the 27-year-old singer by saying he actually said what Nigerians needed to hear about the moment.


DJ Cuppy rents whole cinema to watch movie with her friends (photos)

Popular Disc Jockey and music artist Florence Otedola but better known as DJ Cuppy is one of the female Nigerian singers who is constantly tackled by her fans.
Talking about DJ Cuppy is easy as she is the daughter to Nigerian billionaire and oil magnate, Femi Otedola. She recently took to her Instastory to reveal she rented the whole cinema to hang out with her friends.

DJ Cuppy rented out the IMAX Cinemas, Lekki, just to watch Mo Abudu’s new movie, Chief Daddy, with two of her friends.

It could be recalled that before her affair with Davido’s manager Asa Asika hit the rocks, the disc jockey once rented out a cinema hall to watch a movie with her ex-lover.